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Mission Statement

The San Francisco State University International Relations Journal is the result of a collaborative student effort to contribute to the literature in the field of International Relations. The journal does not subscribe to a particular theoretical or political position, but rather, seeks to reflect the diverse range of student opinions at San Francisco State University. Each student writer assumes a term-long partnership with an editor under the supervision of the managing and senior editors, who are in turn guided by a faculty advisor. From amongst the candidates for publication, several articles and/or book reviews are presented to the readers of the journal in an annual issue that showcases undergraduate and graduate student work.


The staff of The International Relations Journal is grateful for the funding allocated by the Instructionally Related Activities Committee and the Department of International Relations at San Francisco State University for the production of this journal. The managing editor would like to especially thank all of the members of the editorial board and the contributing writers.

The guidance and advice of Dr. Burcu Ellis in the Department of International Relations have been indispensable to the successful publication of the Journal. The staff of the International Relations Journal is most grateful to her for her outstanding effort.

About the International Relations Journal

Graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of International Relations at San Francisco State University publish an annual issue of the International Relations Journal.

The Journal contains articles on political, historical, economic, legal, philosophical, diplomatic and theoretical issues concerning world affairs and is distributed to the students and faculty of San Francisco State University, as well as to universities worldwide.

Current San Francisco State University students from any major or program are encouraged to submit papers and book reviews pertinent to the field international relations for consideration. If your department or organization would like to contact the Journal, you may email Dr. Burcu Ellis at Please indicate your name, institutional affiliation (if any) and your mailing address.

Visit our Contact page to email submission requests or contact us by mail.

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Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary Issue

Our Journal Issues

The most recent issues of the IR Journal are available below in PDF format. Select back issues can be read in the International Relations Student Lounge in Humanities 200a.

Many of the documents on this website/webpage might not be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. If you experience difficulty in accessing this content, please contact the Department of International Relations by email at and we will provide you with accessible alternatives.

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