Latin American Studies

Drawing on a multidisciplinary faculty with a broad range of experience in the region, the Latin American Studies minor is designed to develop understanding of the varied aspects of Latin American societies.

Why Learn About Latin American Studies at SF State?

Latin America is intrinsically connected to important concepts and historical developments such as revolution, religion, imperialism, capitalism, industrialization, individualism, democracy, communism, human rights and welfare states. These concepts have had global significance as well. Latin America comprises a complex, fascinating, and vital region of the world, and one grappling with an array of fundamental political, socioeconomic and cultural challenges.

This focus encourages students to critically evaluate the inter-relationships among history, language and literature, social, economic, and political developments, and their influence on the place that the nations of the region occupy in the international order. The versatility of the Minor provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects - from the ancient Maya civilization, to doing business in present-day Latin America—as well as to specialize in particular areas such as the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America.