International Relations Journal 2018

Cover of IR Journal 2018

Table of Contents

  1. “‘She is not a Criminal’: An Analysis of the Religious and Political Impact on Abortion Policy” by Megan Stone
  2. “Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia: Impacts on Regime Stability” by Theodore Prompichai
  3. “A Revolution Which Never Ended: A Gulf Perspective on Iran’s Thirst for Hegemony” by Mohamed Al-Thani
  4. “China and South Africa Relations: Unsustainable Economic Growth In South Africa” by Lena Stampfli
  5. “The Paris Agreement and Its Success Without the United States” by Tatiana Cortes-Mondragon
  6. “Critical Theory is to Marxism as Fourth Wave Feminism is to Second Wave Feminism” by Paolo Pontoniere
  7. “Fear, Hyper-mobility, and the Securitization of the ‘Other’: A Case for Refugees in Greece” by Eva Charidas

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