Anthony Pahnke

Anthony Pahnke received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2014. His work on social movements, Brazilian politics, and development has appeared in Monthly Review, New Politics, The Journal of Peasant Studies, and Latin American Politics and Society. His book, Brazil’s Long Revolution: The Landless Movement’s Challenge to Capitalism and State Sovereignty, is under contract with the University of Arizona Press.

Scott D. Webb

Scott Webb graduated from SF State with a M.A. in International Relations in 2005. He completed his Master’s Degree over a three-year period while working full time as the Peace Corps recruiter for SF State. California is the number one contributor of volunteers to the Peace Corps and CSU alumni make up almost a third of that volume. Scott recruited many of those Peace Corps volunteers during his time at SF State.

"The International Relations Program provided me with the theoretical knowledge and the policy foundation I needed to move into the field of international development."