International Relations Journal 2015

2015 IR Journal cover

Table of Contents

  1. IMF Involvement in Gabon: A Hidden Failure by Haley Brott
  2. Dependency Theory as viewed Through Small States by Eric Case
  3. Getting Warrior to Negotiate: The Effect of U.S. Mediation on the Conflict in Northern Ireland by Edwin D. Critchlow
  4. The Curious Case of the Holy See: A Content Analysis of Pope Francis' Papacy Through a Constructivist Viewpoint by Rebekah Didlake
  5. Boko Haram and the Mismanagement of the Nigerian State by Ian Laettner
  6. Humanitarian Aid and Intervention: The Responsibility for Action During the Ebola Epidemic by Noora Larson
  7. All the World's a Stage by Crystal O'Connor

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