Graduate Internships

Considered a global city, San Francisco is the birthplace of the United Nations. Its residents come from all over the world speaking 112 different languages. Poised as the gateway between America and the Pacific, it is adjacent to Silicon Valley and serves as a hub for developing economies in IT, digital media, clean technology and life sciences. Cosmopolitan, the city hosts 89 consulates and foreign trade offices, multinational corporations, hundreds of non-profits, and several regional offices of U.S. government agencies.

Internships provide excellent opportunities to network and gain professional skills.

Graduates of the SF State International Relations M.A. program have multiple exciting options after completing their degree requirements. Some students seek state government careers with positions in international governmental agencies, the U.S. State Department, U.S. intelligence agencies or the F.B.I. Others find positions in the non-profit sector, working in areas like development, the environment, health, human rights, international migration or women’s issues. Still others continue onto doctoral studies for careers in teaching and research in academia or work in think tanks and policy institutes. A small subset of our graduates choose opportunities in international business or go to law school. Internships that apply opportunities to apply classroom learning in workplace settings to acquire professional knowledge and skills, and to network for future employment are an important part of the Department of International Relations.

Graduate students choosing the Professional Emphasis for their M.A. degree customarily enroll in IR 892: Sponsored Graduate Internship in International Relations in their 3rd or 4th semesters and write their 'Culminating Experience' M.A. Final Report on research related to their internship experience. For more information, please consult the IR 892 Guidelines (docx).

Internship Opportunities Newsletter

During the fall and spring semester, the department circulates a newsletter containing IR-related internship opporunities in the Bay Area. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to subscribe through MailChimp.

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